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April 6, 2004
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The Traveler by psamtik The Traveler by psamtik
What can i say? This piece sure took me some time but not as long as i thought. Most of about 2 days work. I wanted to go for an inspired theme, so i used dinyctis' cosmic sunrise for a good challenge as we all know his art is the toughest to beat.

I basically started off creating some of the most detailed land textures i've done, but you couldn't see the quality after all of the coloring and layer effects that had to be applied unfortunitely.

The hardest part was deffinately the flare (sun) on the horizon. I went from flare to flare to filter to filter from bluring and messing around for hours trying to get something that would be remotely adequate. I ended uo with a half flare half explosion look to make things a bit spicey.

I wanted to add a ship because i like ships though i hardly use them. Which is where i got the name from. Imagine what it would be like to have the technology to fly from system to system and see uninhabited planets millions of lightyears out... Ok, maybe thats my dream.

Well, i'm sure theres going to be the usual crit about stuff i've done wrong, really i dont care, its for my enjoyment, not to please you.. So please just see it as hard work that i do for fun.

FullView for details!!!

Edit: Again, so people get this right.... When i said i was enspired by dinyctis' piece, i was meant to see if i could recreate my own version, hell he even helped me out on it... You may think thats low, but personally i like to take the best artist out theirs work and see if i could create something close to it. To see how far off i am.
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SpaceOdyssey2021 Mar 25, 2006   Interface Designer
thats amazing how did you create that explosion effect and the atmosphereic effect
your art is very incredible!
Love your space art!
Now this is what I call sexy. I like the planets, not too stand out but not too subtle, and that starfield is just awesome. Great work man, keep it up.
Dezio Apr 14, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
Really like this!Great work :)
nicejob man! i like all the small details that give it a great look..the ship is a nice touch
very nice piece you have here....your not the only one dreaming of flying to new me on that..wish i could get my planet textures to look like that.great work man
Wow .... Great work :clap: and very nice :D
Nice, but it reminds me alot of Cosmic Sunrise by +dinyctis
WOW, awesome work my friend!!! :clap:
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